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      ... English is really frustrated. She is full of hot air, and my used to fool around all day long without doing anything meaningful. I hate study but I am thinking of chow down my food. 2008-08...

    • 急~英文翻譯高手請進,送20點

      ...想看看是不是你要表達的意思...) 4. What kind of person was he who fulled of hate? (當他心中充滿著仇恨,那他會是怎樣的一個人) 片中有那些場景是以愛情...

    • 電影葉問的簡介翻譯成英文

      ... fighting freely. 充滿仇恨和悲劇的大時代並不在他的視野當中, @ Fulling of hate and tragedy times is not on his mind at all. 他只專注於對武術...