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    • 營養的英文是哪一個?

      ...方面聽起來沒什麼分別,也是說有營養 但英文也可以是 This is full of nutritions 也就是說「這有包含(不同的)營養」 板主想說的「剩下...

    • 自述表的翻譯!(請分段)

      ...sun, so the friend is my very fine nourishment for the mind oh! In the career of high school, I have participated...static corporation, have such as the dynamic corporation full of life and energy, but I learn a lot among...

    • 我要書籤的句子!!句子中要有關「書」的!!急急急~~

      ...沒有翅膀。」(莎士比亞) The book is the nourishment in the whole world.Life in have no book, seem to... how to study, can make the life been full of meaning and fun 2011-04-16 17:30:33 補充: 5...