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    • 1. 跨頁(報紙或雜誌) The singer's full spread photos in the magazine are stunning. 那位歌手的雜誌跨頁照片美極了。
    • 2. 佈滿,全面展開 My mom made a full spread of Italian food for the guests. 我媽為客人做了滿桌的義大利菜。
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    • 幫我修改我的英文作文 Shihmen Reservoir

      .... You can also view flowers, when spring arrive, the mountain full of flowers that spread their fragrance far and wide.=You can also view the flowers in...

    • 幫忙英翻中YOU AND WE

      ...相通而合而唯一 one and the same 同樣的心 you and me 你和我 this land spread across the universe 這片大地遍部了整個宇宙 this dream full of hope in every soul 每個生命在這個夢裡都充滿希望 the bond that we conceive...

    • Radiation in Japan

      ...damage to bone marrow, visual system, and the genitalia. 1000 msv would cause permanent full body damage. and after absorbing 2000 msv, there would be a 90% chance of death...