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  1. fund

    • IPA[fənd]


    • n.
      a sum of money saved or made available for a particular purpose;financial resources
    • v.
      provide with money for a particular purpose
    • verb: fund, 3rd person present: funds, gerund or present participle: funding, past tense: funded, past participle: funded

    • noun: fund, plural noun: funds

    • 釋義
    • 片語



    • 1. provide with money for a particular purpose the World Bank refused to fund the project government-funded research


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      我在希拉蕊的個人網站上看到出現很多次的transportation funding,句子開頭都是Clinton Announce I work in a mutual fund, insurance and annuity company. My husband has a...

    • slush fund是何意思?

      slush fund是何意思? 答:是指行賄基金 的意思 2013-06-19 15:30:04 補充: He was convicted of embezzling his party's slush fund 它是指政黨內得暗帳嗎? 答:不是 是指他侵吞他的黨的秘密資金而被定罪...

    • 什麼是「a trust-fund hippie」?

      如果你知道「trust-fund baby」的意思,你也應該知道「trust-fund hippie」的意思,唯一的不同只是...嬉皮)而已.有的嬰兒父母在生前或還健在的時候就會為孩子準備一筆基金/資金(funds)交給信託公司(trust company)(銀行)幫baby理財,讓他未來的生活獲得某種程度的保障...