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  1. funeral urn

    • n.
      an urn holding the ashes of a cremated body.
    • noun: funeral urn, plural noun: funeral urns

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      ...arrange your funeral and make decisions on every detail including funeral flowers, location, urns...etc. Some people bury the urn underground; some people store it in a tower; some...

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      ... this be done. Documentation from the funeral home is not sufficient to carry a crematory container through...plane without screening. You may transport the urn as checked baggage provided that it is...

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      ...了下面的網站 提到 火化cremation 之後的骨灰ashes 放在(urn)骨灰甕裡有很多處理方式Scattering  Some commonly... niches : 公立的放骨灰處 圖片參考: