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    • 麻煩請懂生物科學的人~~幫我翻譯~~

      Expression of chitinase proteins enhances resistance to fungal diseases in transgenic plants. 甲殼酶蛋白的作用強化了基因轉殖植物對菌類所引發...

    • ~翻譯文章~(不要用線上翻譯網)謝謝唷!!

      .... The trees are dying of old age and a fungal disease. 以汽車、電影明星、沙灘以及其棕櫚樹聞名的洛杉磯,近來因老化及細菌感染...

    • 這段英文,該怎麼翻

      ... from a Goldian finch, was obtained from the fungal culture collection in the Department of Veterinary Tropical Diseases, Faculty of Veterinary Science at the University...