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  1. funny business

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    • 1. 【口】非法(或可疑、不認可)的事物 I want none of your funny business. 我可不幹那種非法的事。
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    • 如何做天然奶油

      You mean no funny business, right!? Maybe you should list your question under another category, where people can tell you literally how to make butter/how butter is made. How do you make butter (from scratch)? 人工奶油(仿) margarine

    • fun 與 funny的比較 教學需要20點'" = "He was passing counterfeit money." "funny business" = doing something improper or illegal "funny farm" = (a not-so-nice way...

    • fun和funny有什麼不同??<<詳細解說>>

      ... a very funny noise. (奇怪的) If there has been any funny business, we'll soon find out. (不合規定的) Don't you get funny with me...