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    • 請幫我翻譯一段有關發放薪資的英文好嗎!!!???

      ...salary of last month on 5th per month in the company; if you are not available or off duty that day, you can get your salary on the first day when you are on duty. If you have further more questions, please contact the manager. ps.(來公司領取)這句...

    • 商英~請幫忙英翻中,關於出貨到美國~急~謝謝

      ...all in order.希望你都收到了. Please e-mail or call to further discuss clearing and handling the shipment...the bill of lading with payment. I’d hold off on making payment of the $ 65.00 fee until a couple...

    • 醫囑病例翻譯!非常急需

      ...left ischipulic bone lesion, fibrous dysphasia or bone cyst is more favored... much dysphasia of left ischipubic bone on July 23,2009. 在2009年6月23日...for surgical intervention for rectal cancer and further management. 這一次,他被接送入外科干預...