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  1. future perfect

    • IPA[ˈfyo͞oCHər pərˈfekt]


    • n.
      a tense of verbs expressing expected completion in the future, in English exemplified by will have done.
    • noun: future perfect, plural noun: future perfects

  2. 知識+

    • 英文文法(未來式動詞)

      ...afternoon? Beckham: No, you can use it. End of this part---- Future Perfect Tense (將來完成式) 當咱們表達在未來的一段特定的時間內將會完成...

    • what do these words mean???

      ... has three perfect tenses: present perfect past perfect future perfect 這是線上的英英字典, 你可以去查詢更精準的...

    • 未來完成式的定義與架構?

      未來完成式 future perfect 的定義與架構?並給我ㄧ些例子未來完成式: 是表示在未來某一時間以前完成...