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  1. future shock

    • n.
      a state of distress or disorientation due to rapid social or technological change.
    • noun: future shock

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    • future 有關的俗彥語

      .... 人們老是談到要如何消磨時間,然而他們的生命卻在時間裏悄然逝去 future shock 未來衝擊(由於社會激變,將來人口爆炸,知識爆炸,環境大變等使人受到壓力而...

    • [英文]兩句話 翻譯

      ...超級富豪追求由托夫勒提出的社會改革。 Toffler is the author of Future Shock. His most recent book is Revolutionary Wealth. 托夫勒...

    • 英翻中~~邦「找錯誤」(贈十五點!!)

      ...these postmodern princes can hope to enjoy. Deracination, anomie, and future-shock separate them from the traditions to which they are supposedly...