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  1. future tense


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    • 英文文法(未來式動詞)

      Future Tense 系列 Simple Future Tense...容易會與前一個特性混淆,而且當用上 Simple Future Tense 時亦冇不妥,所以這個特性其實可以愛理不理。 ...

    • what do these words mean???

      ... now (or at the present time), or an object that currently exists. 2.Future tense(未來式,通常也以大寫表示) The tense or time form of a verb used...

    • When in future progress tense

      後面一句表示條件,當她的丈夫從南非回來,所以用 when 連接,再刪去重複的部分(will be)將returning 改為動詞原型即可。如下所示: Mary will be living in Texas when her husband return from his job in South America. 2008-05...