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  1. futures trader

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    • pit trader是什麼意思

      現場證卷交易員 A dealer who works on the floor of an exchange, usually a futures exchange, that uses the open outcry system.

    • 急~幫我看這英文生涯規劃的文章有文法錯誤

      ...之single 建議改為simple或humble I believe, keep going will make success in future 建議改為I believe that keep going will make success in future.比較好.

    • 幫忙翻譯一下這兩段句子

      ...貨幣帳款赤字或公積金 ?為什麼政府可能關切其官方清償餘額 (也就是說,支付總額 ) Traders in asset markets suddenly learn that the interest rate on dollars will decline in the near future. Use the diagrammatic analysis of the chapter to determine the effect on...