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  1. fuzz

    • IPA[fəz]


    • n.
      a fluffy or frizzy mass of hair or fiber;a blurred image or area
    • v.
      make or become blurred or indistinct;(of hair) become fluffy or frizzy
    • verb: fuzz, 3rd person present: fuzzes, gerund or present participle: fuzzing, past tense: fuzzed, past participle: fuzzed

    • 釋義
    • n.
    • 1. a fluffy or frizzy mass of hair or fiber:

      a fuzz of black hair

      his face was covered with white fuzz

    • 2. a blurred image or area:

      she saw Jess surrounded by a fuzz of sunlight

    • 3. a buzzing or distorted sound, especially one deliberately produced as an effect on an electric guitar.
    • v.
    • 1. make or become blurred or indistinct:

      snow fuzzes the outlines of the signs

      tiny detail can be enlarged to poster size without fuzzing out

    • 2. (of hair) become fluffy or frizzy:

      her hair fuzzed out uncontrollably in the heat

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