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  1. gain ground on

    • get closer to someone or something that is ahead in a pursuit or competitive situation
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    • get closer to someone or something one is pursuing or with whom one is competing

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      ...期末資產負債表 Owner's Equity 業主權益 Gain on sale of plant assets 出售資產設備收益 Continuing operations...

    • 施加壓力的英文

      A.put stress on sb. A 向某人施加壓力B.gain stress (from) sb. B 被某人施加壓力所以意思完全...寫的 :) 2006-02-18 23:13:32 補充: 忘了解釋一下, gain stress on somebody 的文法是不對的, 因為你不能在別人身上...

    • 請問片語on pain on gain是什麼意思?

      你打錯了 應該是 no pain no gain 沒有痛苦就沒有收穫