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  1. gainsay

    • IPA[ˌɡānˈsā]


    • v.
      deny or contradict (a fact or statement);speak against or oppose (someone)
    • verb: gainsay, 3rd person present: gainsays, gerund or present participle: gainsaying, past tense: gainsaid, past participle: gainsaid

    • 釋義


    • 1. formal deny or contradict (a fact or statement) the impact of the railroads cannot be gainsaid
    • formal speak against or oppose (someone) none could gainsay her
    • 更多解釋
    • IPA[ɡeɪnˈseɪ]


    • v.
      deny or contradict (a fact or statement): the impact of the railways cannot be gainsaid

    Oxford Dictionary

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    • .....for in his cups ...???

      很少人有膽子跟他唱反調,因為國王喝醉時,脾氣可怕又暴力,而且他極少時候是不醉的。[說明:for(連接詞)因為 = because。in one's cups = drunk 喝醉了。sober = free from alcoholism, not drinking alcohol 清醒不醉的。] 2011-11-25 05:55:10 補充: In his...