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    • 賭博的人,賭徒
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    • 不懂”escape gambler”是什麼意思

       escape gambler簡單的說=>戒賭者Those most at risk of becoming addicted... old, and women over the age of fifty - known as "escape gamblers " -who are looking for some diversion. 成癮的危險群包含年收入低於...

    • 賭神 賭俠 賭聖的英文?

      God Of Gamblers-賭神(複數) God Of Gambler-賭神(原型) God -神 Gambler-賭客

    • 請問有人會將它翻譯成中文嗎

      ...提高對雨,我的寶寶 Wash your tangled curls with gambler's soap 」 洗你的糾纏捲髮與賭徒的肥皂“ 希望有幫助到您~