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  1. gang up

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    • 1. 聯合起來 They ganged up on the teacher. 他們聯合起來對付那個老師。
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    • [ 英文 ]請幫忙翻譯(心得 中翻英)

      ...gang run out with relentless dragon to roar defeat it outside,Another exactly jin'gang climb up an edifice hit collapse airplane de that screen, because my kindergarten look jin'gang...

    • 急~中文翻英文!!

      ...pandie, not yourself. ★雨過天晴★ dude, sorry that I cannot gang up with you. 2013-01-08 01:26:47 補充: ★雨過天晴★ dude, sorry that I ...

    • 翻一下這句(中翻英)

      Mutually uses the hand to gang up or carries on the back in opposite party shoulder. Described sentiment intimate, the relations is deep