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  1. gangster rap


    • ph.
      說唱音樂(以節奏強烈的音樂為配樂,以極為流暢的速度 說 歌詞,內容大多為性、暴力等)
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    • ganster 是啥意思阿?

      ...gangsters. 不少人對看美國警匪片很感興趣。 滿多黑人講這個字的 因為:gangster rap ph. (片語 phrase) 說唱音樂 (以節奏強烈的音樂為配樂, 以極為流暢的速度 "...

    • 英文短篇文章 文法和單字

      ... was born in Brooklyn and I was making Gangster Rap, playing basketball, and hanging out with my friends. ...

    • 句子翻成英文 急 拜託

      ... based music and lyrics—the Rap, which are gradually going to several ...政治化的團, parts of the local Gangsters 地方幫派gathered to power their domination...