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  1. garbage man


    • ph.
      = garbage collector
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    • 請幫忙翻譯一段中文轉英文

      ...and especially doctor because he is afraid of blood. Tim不喜歡當警察、garbage man的工作。 Tim doesn't like to be a police officer, or a garbage man. 而我...

    • 有哪些英文沒有性別歧視的字眼?

      ...fireman → firefighter 消防員 first baseman → first base player 一壘手 garbage mangarbage collector 垃圾清理員 gunman → shooter 射手 mailman → mail carrier...

    • 英文作文!50字(有用的發明)10點

      ...might think a briefcase is the most useful invention while someone who is a garbage man could care less about briefcases. It really depends on what...