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    • 麻煩各位,請幫我英翻中關於新加坡的歷史

      ...a tiger was shot in the famous Raffles Hotel in the center of Singapore in 1902! 它有... Singapore into a green, tidy garden city. 在1965年完全獨立後,李先生將新加坡變成綠化乾淨...

    • 幫我檢查我的造句英文文法有沒有錯誤

      ...30 on June 13th and leaving the hotel at 7: 15 a .m. on June 16th and catch a flight at 8: 40a .m. for a conference in Garden City and return at 7:50 p.m. on 13th. A: ...

    • 自我介紹英文翻譯

      I am winn, is born to the peach garden county city, the family Chinese Communist ...the post of two kitchens in the center letter hotel. Because the parents are start...