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    gas fittings

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    • 請問Nupro的中文意思

      ...pressure valves, connectors and hosing. (you can virtually buy all gas fittings from them for your CO2 system at a price less of that of ...

    • Body跟flowers的單字有些不會~~~希望可以告訴我

      ...a valve for controlling the release of a liquid or gas. In the British Isles and normally... for any everyday type of valve, particularly the fittings that control water supply to bathtubs and sinks...

    • 一些模具的名詞

      le type gaz de moulage fini de moule de pieu de plats de la construction 2plates 3 de thermoset d'outillage thermoplastique de la production RP asstisted le couplage conique par injection renversée cav. inséré par cavité inséré par noyau dans le plat...