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    • 氣體處理,毒氣攻擊,吹噓
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    • heat-trapping gas

      heat-trapping gas : 吸熱氣體1.Some 3,000 years later the same thing ... of the atmospheric buildup of carbon dioxide, a heat-trapping greenhouse gas that can persist in the air for centuries, has come in nearly equal...

    • gas chromatographic (GC)

      ...column, usually using a microsyringe (or, solid phase microextraction fibers, or a gas source switching system). As the carrier gas sweeps the analyte...

    • gas–chromatograph 這該翻成什麼

      gas–chromatograph 氣體色譜儀 chromatograph ['krәumәtәgrɑ:f] [化] 色譜儀; 用色譜分析; 用色譜法分析 [醫] 色譜儀