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  1. gather together

    • vi.
    • vt.
      歸攏; 集合;收集
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    • 1. 聚會


    • 1. 歸攏; 集合
    • 2. 收集
    • ph.
      鼓起勇氣 After he had been hit, he got up, gathered himself together and ran off. 他被擊倒後爬了起來, 振作一下就跑掉了。
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    • 英文問題,英文大師請回答

      起哄 gather together to create a disturbance gather together and cause a commotion kick up a fuss...趕出禮堂 Those men were charged by the police with( gather together to create a disturbance/gather together and cause a commotion) 那些人集體體起鬨被請幫...

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      During holiday we usually gather together at the same place All the relative will gather together...birthday to be great My friends will all gather together and prepare gifts We have plan this long...

    • 英文句型解釋

      前面主詞是許多複數 所以後面用的動詞gather, 而 gather together to Vr(原形動詞) 加原形動詞...所以用throw ※ throw a party = hold a party = host a party (辦場派對) 這裡辦很多派對就不加上a/the 所以用 throw parties