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  1. gaze at

    • ph.
      凝視, 注視
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    • ph.
    • 1. 凝視, 注視

      For hours he sat gazing at the stars. 他好幾個小時坐在那裡凝望著天上的星星。

      She turned to gaze admiringly at her husband. 她轉過身來贊賞地凝視她的丈夫。


    凝視, 注視

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    • ph.

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    • 英文新聞?? 近來看看

      ... out in Iceland this week so people can gaze at the night sky. Authorities in the capital ...注視。例句:It's cool tonight; let's gaze at stars in the sky together in my backyard...

    • 請教這兩句英文

      1.凝望遠方:Gazing at distant. 2.這張圖我使用painter6.0畫的,畫了七天.:This picture took...補充: " su04 " 大大你好: 謝謝你!但是也很對不起!!!! 凝望遠方:Gazing at distance. distant是形容詞。 對不起!對不起!對不起!對不起!對不起!對不起...

    • 翻譯....中翻英

      I raised my head to gaze at the clear moon, Bowed my head remembering my old home...