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  1. gear up

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    • 1. 作好準備 We will be faced with a severe drought, so every citizen must gear up for it. 我們將面臨嚴重的旱災,所有的居民都要作好準備。 The next Winter Olympics will be held in Beijing. The capital city of China needs to gear up for this grand occasion. 下一屆的冬季奧運就要在北京舉辦,中國的首都必須做好準備。
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    • 誰知道safety gear的意思

      ...smoothly. 齒輪嚙合得很好。 2.開始工作 3.準備好;安排好[(+up)] They geared up for the new season's production. 他們為新的一個季度的生產作好準備。 4.適應...

    • 英文翻譯,可以順便解釋一下內容(有關航運)

      Felixstowe (as well as Southhampton) are gearing themselves up for bigger vessels.Felixstowe (以及Southhampton...

    • 衝業績 英文怎麼說

      ...,9171,1056272,00.html Auto show gears up sales for local dealers