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  1. gen up on sth.

    • ph.
      【舊】【口】獲得情報; 給某人(關於某事物的)資料
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    • 1. 【舊】【口】獲得情報; 給某人(關於某事物的)資料 He is fully genned up on the new project. 他充分了解新工程的情況。
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      ...know what I mean? 5. 應該也是看錯答案了吧? authorize sb. to do sth. 才對呀! 後面一定要接動名詞的動詞有: avoid, enjoy, mind, finish, complete, go on, keep (on), give up, practice, miss, be used to, cannot help, feel like, be worth...

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