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    • 請高手幫我翻譯一下 謝謝~~

      公司的擴大和萎縮 第一代 Woolworth(一家蠻大的超級市場公司)在1879年開了"five and dime"這家商品公司 靠著開設新商店和合併其他公司,Woolworth公司越開越大 到了1919,Woolworth在美國,法國,英國,和德國總共擁有1081家商店 Woolworth...

    • 能否幫我翻譯英文贈15點 meets, have to let me believe that really have this matter.That store is located the far east general merchandise the side, if, you are enough courageous, might as well make a trip in person.

    • 翻譯中文轉英文的短文

      ... and Tim rest in the shop to the afternoon, decided nearby general merchandise special counter strolls. West east walks the shoe store look at the shoes, two people have had a liking for red athletic...