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    genetic relationship

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    • 請問期刊投稿時的 running head 是什麼意思

      ...所以在頁首的簡標只有:Effects of Banning Genetic Information。 以您的標題來看,確實太長,可以用The Relationship between Network Structure and ...

    • 想請問 有關基因重組問題

      ...recombination between markers during crossover of homologous chromosomes. Relationship: The greater the frequency of recombination (segregation) between two genetic markers, the farther apart they are assumed to be...

    • 請幫我翻譯成英文 多謝

      ... in families, circles of friends, society and any other relationships, would be caused/influenced by genetic/hereditary or physiological barrier and psychological disorder (mental defect) or emotional instability...