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  1. gentleman's agreement

    • n.
    • 名詞複數:gentleman's agreements

  2. 知識+

    • 國貿高手或英文翻譯達人請進入!

      ...通常不採用長期的獨家方式 We do business all over the world in the manner of a gentlemans agreement. 本公司在世界各地都是採君子協定的方式 Please understand it is...

    • done and done的中文意思.

      ...通常用在打賭上】【用於十八, 十九世紀的時後】 A finalization between two gentlemen's agreement. usually to do with a wager or bet. era:~1800's~ 例句: first man:is...

    • 單字複數何時+s ,+es

      ...為子音 + o 時加 es (如︰radios, heroes) e. 字尾是 f 或 fe 時改為 ves, 或者加 s . (如︰half halves. leaf leaves, roof roofs, chief chiefs) 不規則的---(仍有些...rarr;lice,child (小孩)→ children, ox (公牛) →oxen ,woman (女人) →women, gentleman (紳士)→gentlemen,criterion (準則)→ criteria, phenomenon (現象)→ phenomena, bacterium...