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    • 發芽,萌芽,發生
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    • 請英雄好漢幫忙海報理念中翻英~急急急20點

      Bergamot love selflessly imagery to convey meaning donated blood to save all sentient beings, so that visitors can donate blood together doing public good germination to do good heart.

    • 英文翻譯 很急 謝謝

      ...冬天15-30天發芽 , 溫度25度以上成功率較高 In the winter seeds germination by 15-30 days, temperature above 25 degrees the rate of success will be...

    • notion和 conception有什麼不同?

      ...inception, commencement, start, initiation,birth, nascency,incipience,dawn, opening, formation, germination 意為想像,思考時的同義字: imagining, meditating, ...