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  1. get what is coming to one

    • ph.
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    • got behind Mary to be ...文法問題?

      ...不是所有的動詞都適用[S+V+O+OC]的結構. We got behind Mary to be class president. [S+V+O] 其中[O]:[Mary to be class...

    • something has get to be done.

      您好! bull說得沒錯(意見1樓) 句子應該是 Something has got to be done. have got to 是美式英語中常用的口頭語 意思就是 should...

    • 此句中為何要加being?

      ...the money pouring into his account every day. (2) He doesn't get happier despite the money being given to him. 他並未因為"這筆錢給了他"而變得更快樂. [despite]這個...