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    I get to work at 9 o'clock every moring

    • ph.
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    • get to 和 go to 的差別?

      ...之前把信送到郵局 5)[口語] 著手處理,開始(做某件事) Let's get to work. 我們開始幹活吧。 "Go" 通常用在一個旅程/行程/經驗的((整體...

    • 使役動詞GET後面加事物不適用Vpp嗎?

      ...話 ---- 1. get + 受詞 + to V.: I got John to work on it. (我叫John處理那件事情) 2. get...馬上讓車子被修) 不能說 "I can't get the car to repair immediately." 因為"car"無法...

    • 急!!! 請問有人可以把下列中文文章翻譯成英文嗎? was in a rush to get to work yesterday morning, because he was drunk on the night before last night, and... apologized to the taxi driver. He also promised to pay the damages after he made a call to his insurance broker...