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  1. get

    • IPA[get]



    • vt.
      得到; 收到; 獲得;去取; 去帶來
    • vi.
    • 過去式:got 過去分詞:got 現在分詞:getting

    • 釋義
    • 同反義
    • 片語


    • 1. 得到; 收到; 獲得 to get lunch/enough sleep 吃午餐/睡眠充足 to get a divorce 離婚
    • 2. 去取; 去帶來 to get sb. sth., to get sth. for sb. 給某人拿來某物 can you get the doctor for me? 你能替我去叫醫生來嗎?
    • 3. to get sb. sth. 給某人買某物 I got this DVD for £2 我買這張數字影碟花了兩英鎊
    • 4. 掙得; 贏得 to get money/a salary 賺錢/掙工資 this will get him a bad reputation 這事會敗壞他的名聲
    • 5. 抓住 reach up and get (me) an apple 伸手上去(給我)摘個蘋果 get him, boy! 小傢伙,去抓住他!
    • 6. 開始有 don't get ideas! 別想入非非的! he's got it bad (for her) 他(對她)著迷了
    • 7. 繼承; 從某人身上遺傳 to get sth. from sb. 從某人處繼承 he gets his musical talent from his mother 他的音樂天賦是母親遺傳給他的
    • 8. 能遇見 you get different kinds of ... 你能見到各種各樣的… you get snow in summer there 那裡夏季會下雪
    • 9. 經受 to get a surprise 感到驚訝 to get a bang on the head 頭上捱了一下
    • 10. 患上 to get a headache/a bad back 頭痛/背部有毛病
    • 11. 乘坐 I got the eight o'clock train 我乘坐的是8點那班火車
    • 12. 訂閱
    • 13. 懲罰; 傷害; 殺死 we'll get them yet! 我們會教訓他們的! the sharks must have got him 那些鯊魚肯定把他弄死了
    • 14. 聽見 I didn't get your name/what you said 我沒聽清你的名字/你的話 get this! he was arrested last night 聽著!他昨晚被逮捕了
    • 15. 明白 (I've) got it! 明白了! now let me get this right/straight ... 現在我來把這個說清楚…
    • 16. 擊中 the bullet got him in the chest 子彈擊中了他的胸部
    • 17. 與…通電話 get me the police/fire brigade 給我接警察局/消防隊 to get sb. on the phone 和某人通電話
    • 18. 感染 that tune gets me! 那支曲子打動了我!
    • 19. 使困惑 now you've got me 你把我難住了
    • 20. 準備 to get sth. to eat 弄某食物吃
    • 21. 處理 I'll get it! 我來接!
    • 22. 使疼痛 the pain gets me (right) here 我(就)這兒疼 it gets you right there 這使人心生柔情
    • 23. 使煩惱 what gets me is ... 我感到煩惱的是…
    • 24. get him in that hat! 瞧他戴那頂帽子的樣子!
    • 25. 帶…去 to get sth. to sb. 把某物帶給某人 could you get this card to my mother? 把這賀卡帶給我母親好嗎?
    • 26. 使 to get sb./sth. doing sth. 使某人/某物做某事 to get the engine/dishwasher going 讓發動機/洗碗機運轉起來
    • 27. 使…運轉 to get sb./sth. to do sth. 說服…做某事 can I get you to sign this, please 請在這上面簽字好嗎
    • 28. 必須 to have got to do sth. 必須做某事 you've got to realize/admit ... 你必須認識到/承認…


    • 1. 變得 she's getting to be a bad influence 她正帶來負面影響 how do people get like that? 人們怎麼變得那樣?
    • 2. 到達 to get somewhere 到達某處 how did that parcel get here? 那個包裹怎麼跑到這兒了呢?
    • 3. 達到 I got as far as understanding the title 我只能弄懂題目 it got to 9 o'clock 已經9點了
    • 4. 開始 to get to be sth. 開始成為某事物 we soon got to like them 我們很快就喜歡上他們了
    • 5. 有機會 to get to do sth. 有機會做某事


    1. come to have (something); receive

    2. experience, suffer, or be afflicted with (something bad)

    3. contract (a disease or ailment)

    4. succeed in attaining, achieving, or experiencing; obtain

    5. move in order to pick up or bring (something); fetch

    6. prepare (a meal)

    7. travel by or catch (a bus, train, or other form of transport)

    8. make contact with, especially by telephone

    9. reach or cause to reach a specified state or condition

    10. cause to be treated in a specified way

    11. induce or prevail upon (someone) to do something

    12. have the opportunity to do

    13. come, go, or make progress eventually or with some difficulty

    14. move or come into a specified position, situation, or state

    15. succeed in making (someone or something) come, go, or move somewhere

    16. catch or apprehend (someone)


    「1. come to have (something); receive」的反義字

    「2. succeed in attaining, achieving, or experiencing; obtain」的反義字

    「3. move in order to pick up or bring (something); fetch」的反義字

    「4. be appropriately punished or rewarded」的反義字