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  1. get (or keep) the show on the road

    • ph.
      begin (or succeed in continuing with) an undertaking or enterprise
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    • 請幫我批改英檢中高級的寫作 (15點)

      ... on roads and raise the potential/possibility of traffic ... less amount of vehicles on road.    A suggestion on how to ... to either take public transportation, or abide rules strictly.(後面不知道...

    • 急件...翻譯英翻中.拜託....Teleworking

      ... fewer cars on the road, traffic and air quality improve. 電子通勤... fact, studies show that to be far from the truth. People actually get 25% more done when they telework...

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      ...1pm Sunday afternoon, the roads on all four sides of continue pitching in the pouring rain, Wang showed his professionalism and kept going until the director...