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  1. get a glimpse of


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    • 1. 瞥見 I only got a glimpse of the car. 我對那輛汽車只看了一眼。
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    • 可以幫我翻譯一小段文章嗎~~~

      ... a sort of control over life. If a person could get a glimpse of the future, that person could escape at least a little of the... are subtleties in the way a person speaks that would be very difficult to imitate...

    • 關於英文句子的文法,請幫我解答

      ...瞭解。What 若去掉, 整句結構就不完整了。 3. At least you'll get a glimpse of what the newer version of the program has to offer. (1) what 再此句中...

    • 名詞子句英文句型

      ...where c.that d. why 4.It is a terrible experience when we occasionally get a glimpse of ________ others truly see us a. how b. what c.that d. where 5. ...