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    get a punch in

    • ph.
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    • Does break in mean punch in?

      Break in (You come in after a break) Break out ( You go out for a break) I do not see "punch in and out " for as the same meaning as you said

    • 幫忙翻譯正確的歌詞 英翻中

      ...所有的痛都跑走了 and im smiling as im punching in 我在微笑的時候,也同時在打 the day i...中最好的一天 now the secretaries they got a smile for me 現在,那些秘書會對我微笑...

    • Roll with the punches ?

      Learn to roll with the punches. punch指"打擊,拳擊", 在搏鬥中要隨著對方出拳而翻滾(roll), 意思是要...