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  1. get ahead

    • ph.
      成功; 能存些錢; 償清債務;進步
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    • 1. 成功; 能存些錢; 償清債務 She got ahead by sheer determination. 她完全靠決心取得了成功。 After father pays all the medical bills, maybe we can get a little money ahead and buy a car. 在父親付清了全部醫療費以後, 我們也許可以積一點錢買輛汽車。
    • 2. 進步 I've got ahead with my work. 我的工作有進展。
    • 3. 領先
    • 4. 獲得成功 He was talking about the way to get ahead in business. 他正在談如何成功地擴展業務。 She's keen to get ahead in her career. 她熱望在事業上出人頭地。


    成功; 能存些錢; 償清債務