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    • 請問一個英翻中?

      go along - 順著做..如: go along with his plan, 順著他的計劃.get ahead - 就開始這樣做 = get started. 如: you need to get ahead with this plan. 你必須開始著手做這個計劃. go along to get ahead - 就順著這樣開始去做吧.

    • 【英文高手請進】推甄 自我介紹 中翻英

      ...certainly try my best. And I do hope that I will get ahead with my studies in the future. Thank you very much for ...

    • 英文強的人能幫我改英文嗎(4)???

      1.get along with We should get along with our classmates. 2.get up Get up early or you will be late for...try your best to study it! 4.go ahead You go ahead and I am...