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  1. get along

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    • 1. 離開某地 It's time we were getting along. 是我們該走的時候了。
    • 2. 過活 We can get along without your help. 沒有你的幫忙我們也能過日子。
    • 3. 進展 How is he getting along with his studies? 他學習上進展如何? The car could hardly get along on the icy surface. 汽車在結了冰的路面上幾乎無法前進。
    • 4. 和睦相處 He gets along well with his boss. 他和老板相處得很好。 We get along just fine. 我們關係很好。



  2. 知識+

    • How do you get along 的問題

      1. "How are you getting along" 意指 "How are you doing...怎樣與人相處?) 或 e.g. Can't we all get along? (我們能否相處愉快點?) 3. 所以兩者有很大差別...

    • Go along to get along 一問

      Go along to get along 句中翻譯 隨遇而安 . 此句是這個意思嗎? . 是恰當的 Go along...more difficult as you go along, . working better, it goes along to get along well. 這課程進行得會很難,但是做順啦就會好容易的 .[ 隨遇而安 ]

    • get along 的用法...

      even if I did ,I don't think we could get along anymore. 整句意思可以這樣解釋: 即使我做了,我不認為我們能再有所進展. even...