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    get anywhere

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    • to I've指啥

      They haven't got anywhere to I’ve at the moment. They are ...quot;完成事情".整個的意思是"他們一事無成".get anywhere to:到達.....的境地get anywhere to I've: 到達(可以說...

    • 請問: anywhere 和 any where 有何不同

      ...go anywhere last night? 你昨天晚上有去拿理嗎? 否定時候:You can't get it anywhere! 這東西你在什麼地方都買不到! any where意思是這樣:有在那裡 可是沒有...

    • a tired claw vaguely這是什麼意思阿?

      ... walk straight!” exclaimed the big crab. “You will never get anywhere at all if you walk so crookedly.”The little crab sat down among the...