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  1. get around to

    • ph.
      deal with a task in due course
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    • ph.
      deal with (a task) in due course

    Oxford American Dictionary

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    • get around toget away with的用法

      Get around to 抽出時間來做(或考慮) Get away with 僥倖逃脫 How did...51:16 補充: I was so busy last week that I didn't "get around to" doing my homework. 這可翻成~我上周忙到沒時間做我的功課...

    • 2句英文翻譯(cash, refund check)

      get around to + something(或 動名詞) find time for :找時間做什麼事 at last :終於去做 Did you ever get around to cashing that refund check from the bookstore? 你有找時間去兌換那家書局的退款...

    • john mayer 歌詞翻譯

      John Mayer - If I ever get around to living 假如我曾經抽出時間去生活(意思是...免費的 Free 免費的 If I ever get around to living, 重複 I'll take the end of...