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    • 英文片語<<中文意思

      ...改善.變好 例句:If the weather gets better we could go out for a...解釋二:出席,在場 6.on one's own 解釋:獨立無助地 例句:I...攜帶它,太重了。 7.refer to A as B 解釋:談到、提到的一...

    • 請問英文片語的中文及例句 ?

      ...為了補償上次的遲到,我會幫你買晚餐。 2. earn one's own living 自食其力 Danny can earn selling shoes.丹尼可以靠賣鞋自立。 3. get used to逐漸習慣 You should get used...

    • 翻譯He felt it was way

      ...emotion: Don't take on so! To acquire (an appearance, for example) as or as if one's own: Over the years he has taken on the look of a banker...