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  1. get at

    • vt.
    • 釋義


    • 1. 夠得著 (just) let me get at him! (就)讓我來教訓他!
    • 2. 接觸 he can't get at the money until he's 18 他到18歲才能動用這筆錢
    • 3. 破壞 somebody has got at the computer system 有人弄壞了計算機系統
    • 4. 查明 to get at sb.'s secret/the truth 發現某人的秘密/查明真相
    • 5. 威逼利誘 he's been got at by government officials 他受到政府官員的脅迫
    • 6. 挖苦 I hope you didn't think I was getting at you 希望你不會認為我在挖苦你
    • 7. 暗示 what are you getting at? 你是甚麼意思?