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  1. get away with

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    • 1. 偷攜某物潛逃 Thieves raided the bank and got away with a lot of money. 盜賊搶劫銀行, 掠走了大批現款。
    • 2. 受到(較輕的懲罰) For such a serious offence he was lucky to get away with a fine. 他犯了那麼嚴重的過失, 卻僥倖只交罰款了事。
    • 3. 【口】不因某事受懲罰 If you cheat in the exam you'll never get away with it. 考試作弊必予追究。 Nobody gets away with insulting me like that. 這樣侮辱我的人, 我是不會放過的。