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  1. get back

    • vi.
    • vt.
      帶回; 取回;重新獲得
    • 釋義


    • 1. 返回 to get back to work/the office 回去工作/回到辦公室 when I get back to them 當我回到他們中間時
    • 2. 恢復 to get back to normal 恢復正常 to get back to sleep 重新入睡
    • 3. 退後 get back! 後退!


    • 1. 帶回; 取回 I went to the ticket office and got my money back 我去售票處退了錢
    • 2. 重新獲得 to get back one's strength/old job 恢復體力/原職 to get one's own back 報復
    • 3. 歸還 to get the book back to the library 還書給圖書館
    • 4. 把…放回原處 to get the table back in the corner 把桌子搬回角落
    • 5. 擊回 he got the ball back (over the net) 他把球(從網上)打了回去
    • 6. 把…送回