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  1. get by

    • ph.
      manage with difficulty to live or accomplish something
  2. 知識+

    • get by in” 的意思和用法

      基本上它是由─get by+ in N.─ -get by in- 可說...表達不同情境而搭配不同的prep.! *【 get by 】 1. "勉強"過得去、"... learns to get by in LA. - Novelist 學習...

    • 翻譯 i am getting by 很口語

      I am getting by. 翻譯:我還過得去。 譬如:I can not get by on such a low salary.(我無法靠這麼低的薪水過活。) PS: get by也有通過、走過去的意思。

    • There is keen _....?

      I getting by 少了一個be動詞 get by 大部分意思說,走過去、通過 I was getting...small income. 靠這麼微薄的收入我無法過活。 令意思是,過得去。 My work got by. 我的工作勉強過得去。 There is keen ____ between the two ...