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  1. get by

    • ph.
      (勉強)過活; (勉強)對付過去;走過去, 通過
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    • 1. (勉強)過活; (勉強)對付過去 She can't get by on such a small income. 靠這麼少的收入, 她無法維持生活。 He can get by with his old overcoat this winter. 今年冬天他可以靠那件舊大衣勉強對付過去。
    • 2. 走過去, 通過 The crowd moved aside to let the firemen get by. 人群退向一邊, 讓消防人員通過。 Please let me get by. 請讓我過去。
    • 3. 未被注意(或發現、盤問、批評、處罰)而通過 Don't try to cheat on your income tax, you'll never get by with it. 不要想在所得稅上耍花招, 你不會得逞的。 The proofreader did his best not to let any mistakes get by. 校對員竭力不讓任何錯誤漏過去。
    • 4. 過得去; 還可以 Your work will get by, but try to improve it. 你的工作還過得去, 但要努力改進。


    (勉強)過活; (勉強)對付過去