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    • got divorced 用法

      ...confuse(V)困惑,PP-confused(ADJ)困惑的,你可以說you got me confused.你把我弄糊塗了! 還有fire(炒別人魷魚),fired...

    • 困惑關於get後面接的詞(p.p/adj.)

      ... got into a big fight and got divorced. 2.she got so angry that she ...divorced是動詞, 意思是以離婚, 和get divorced意思有別. 第二句get後面加形容詞是代表...

    • 請幫我看一下文法,謝謝~!

      1: No matter if you have children or not, would you get divorced when you feel it's hard to live with your spouse? 2: While a person doesn...