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    get done with

    • ph.
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    • ph. 使某事被做好,請別人做某事

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    • ph. 結束掉某事

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    • ph. 完成,結束

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    • ph. 逃避(責任或義務); 不做分內事

    • I wish I could get out of going to that meeting. 但願我能不去參加那個會議。

      Don't you dare try and get out of the washing-up! 你敢逃避洗碗碟!

    • ph. 坐下來做,著手做…

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    • ph. 必須,不得不

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    • ph. 讓某人做某事

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    • ph. 你們那邊降雨量多不多

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    • ph. 花時間做某事,顧得上做某事

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    • get to or get? 英文好手請進~

      to get to doing something = to start doing something 意思是開始做某件事(這是informal的英語,後面接的doing屬動名詞,當介系詞to的受詞) 例句: He got to thinking that it was all his fault. 請參見Macmillan...

    • Do you get bored easily?

      I guess you don't have a girl friend, is it right? If you have one (or more), you time will be full of missing her or chasing her. Besides that, I guess you don't lack of money, is it right? Or you will be working hard on job...

    • 英文諺語 翻譯

      ... Drucker 的名言 "Managers make sure things get done right and leaders make sure the right things get done."...