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  1. get down to

    • ph.
      開始做某事; 重視某事物; 認真處理某事
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    • ph.
    • 1. 開始做某事; 重視某事物; 認真處理某事

      get down to business 開始辦正事

      It's time I got down to some serious work. 我該認真幹點正事了。


    開始做某事; 重視某事物; 認真處理某事

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    • get right down to it 的意思?

      get right down to it 其實就是 get down to it,right 只是加強語氣。 get down to it 就是追根究底到最接近核心...關心的啦。 2009-11-18 14:51:02 補充: 亂碼補充: Letˊs get down to it.

    • 請翻譯GET DOWN

      ... me get your address down. Someone managed to get down the license plate number of the car. 2. [transitive] get someone down to make someone...

    • "言歸正傳"的英文怎麼寫?

      ...quot;的英文怎麼寫? 正確的說法是: Let's get down to business. 不是get back, 而是get down. 兩人或數人之間...: Okay, enough small talk. Let's get down to business. Mary: Good idea. John...